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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  June 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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wgn news @ 9 pair of attacks on doctors northwestern memorial hospital new information contained a memo to all northwestern staff head of security detail about a couple of unfortunate attacks on doctors first week and a half ago dr. walking home from north washington memorial punched in the face second sunday night by that stop sign a very similar for doctor were walking home from work struck in the head by
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object group of young people running from the scene laughing to attacks remind people in this area of exactly this time last year mobs of young people and physically assaulting people people are being it is starting again young medical student named eugene helped the bleeding to pick them sunday night attack. luckily we have the beaches close off great thing about this area of chicago. hoping in a few weeks we will clear this up bad apples off the streets we can feel more comfortable in our neighborhood again. >> northwestern security number detail about sunday night's
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attack describing group punched in the back object to hit him in the forehead doctor treated and released from the emergency room. trying to walk in welded areas with other people and keep an eye out for groups of people not to be afraid to call 911 if you feel the need for assistance to support to report suspicious activity. memo to staff members surveillance video police have access to police cameras overlooking the scene buildings nearby no word on the status of that tonight or on the suspect's still being sought by police. flock >> family from shopper spotted child with arms tied up. inside a chevy suburban man identified as adolfo gomez try to get into
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the vehicle fought with police before tazered into the car police found five year old boy seven year old girl arms and feet bound and blindfolded three juvenile cindy back woman believed to be the mother arrested inside the store she and for adolfo gomez facing charges of child abuse may not yet released than the fighting part like tonight to northwestern memorial hospital falling into busy chicago river local kayaker pulled the victim from the water. joining us live tonight with that story >> 30's or 40's and the chicago area had a luggage with him wearing a business suit to 2:00 p.m. reading a book along a bit ripper clark and wacker literally rolled into the water perhaps struck with a medical condition rendered him unconscious at the time believe it or not first time kayaker
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nearby spotted him floating >> and an accomplished something save the man from drowning kayaking with friends edward naklicki butcher video shot from above shows gonzales holding and above water until chicago police marine unit gets their three-four minutes later purple in the face gonzalez struggled to keep him floating >> nervous shaking did what i could to get him out of the water. >> actions of this good samaritans to this in the critical >> contaminated water calm but cool 60 degrees did not stop trained officers from diving tracking the victim to the boat
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beginning compressions to keep him alive >> i actually jumped inside swimsuit and teach shirt behind him >> the man still unconscious taken ashore already underway with fire departments taking over all officers are thrilled to save a life and be part of a rescue rather than recovery >> these guys incredible job of risking their lives on a daily basis. without any regard for their lives. i like the moment when they tell me everything is ok. some >> we do not know how ok the victim is brought to northwestern memorial hospital critical condition hours ago true everybody who helped get him there waiting at this hour. >> missing man found dead forest preserve near south body of
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edward naklicki discovered ottawa trail woods at 44th and harlem 59 year old edward naklicki parked near the entrance of medical examiner no evidence of foul play wife last saw him when he left for work on friday would have celebrated second anniversary this week. tonight's candlelight vigil on the link the memory of 14 year- old drowning victim drowned at north avenue beach celebrating eighth grade graduation. marquette park neighborhood with that story. >> candlelight vigil still going on outside jorge sosa house team at all drowned off north avenue beach close-knit community earlier this evening march to a few short blocks from his home on monday 150 participants three of his sisters many classmates and many of his neighbors all of the morning the loss of a bright young man. 14 year old jose
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vasquez takes him to his son's famous favorite place. he and jorge sosa spent hours playing basketball all that is left message on the backboard >> cannot get out of my head and smile that he had graduated >> enjoy his time one day after 14 year old graduated from eighth grade sosa and 3 friends north avenue beach suddenly went under water vasquez of frantically try to get lifeguard attention >> i ran as fast as i could to the guy on the chair he told me to go to the shaq. >> found soon after but died that night grieving friends describe him as a leader one who helped everyone including coaching third great soccer.
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instead of planning put the summer family out remembering with a candlelight vigil. >> not fair day after he graduated he went up to him after graduation called him and said congratulations. >> no strangers to tragedy jorge's mother died 2005 older brothers were shot to death many years ago the fourth victim in the family as for the park district released a statement which read we acted reasonably appropriately to the information given by the gunmen's friend lifeguards acted quickly to find them and perform lifesaving techniques. once again candlelight vigil continues for a good 40 minutes reporting live at marquette park. >> state senator suzi schmidt arrested lake county illinois sheriff's deputies damaging a
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neighbor's property trespassing accusations tied to some sort of dispute with the neighbor state senator suzi schmidt announced last november when not seek re- election 2012 after a previous brush with the law state senator suzi schmidt accused of using power not acting on 911 call during a domestic dispute. move over berto center chicago about to get more action from the chicago bulls bringing practice facility to chicago best place to shop for electronics local store gets a major endorsement from very well known consumer magazine at put up for adoption more than two years ago tonight to "red" pit bull inspiring story and get ready to crank up the air conditioner tom skilling back says about to get hotter.
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er on my journey across america
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whto[ soon to be an end of an era for north suburban deerfield chicago bulls eventually leaving that facility steps away from where they play the game. mayor rahm emmanuel promises not selling out the taxpayers to pay for the new practice facility
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but we do know the chicago bulls will not come back for nothing nothing sinister just about bringing business back to chicago. bellmont chicago-based basketball team why are you playing and hear it your field? >> asked chicago white sox jerry reinsdorf that question years ago talks began to move them back many of the players used about the north shore easy commute to but the deal comes as jerry reinsdorf at the blackhawks owner rocky wirtz ask for a renewed tax break in exchange for building $95 million practice facility with the restaurant and retail complex on the east end of the united center the mayor says has not talked about extending the cap on property taxes for a united center no sweetheart deal or tiff subsidy >> represent the taxpayers of making sure they are not taken to the cleaners >> the move to deerfield deal
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better bittersweet definitely nice to think you might bump into a legendary player >> very exciting stopping by max and benny's restaurant grew up while the chicago deerfield bulls practiced chicago some of the coaches jerry reinsdorf other players would come in and out and then for famous sandwiches and amazing cookies but the dennis rodman story that benny sclan loves to tell >> he came in here sitting private office he had assisted with them and doing all the talking for him he would not say a word basically he would leave the menu as he tapped his tip the main goal to bring another championship no matter where they practice
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>> very colorful player the move also denied the marketing staff united center basketball operations now no timetable on when to move what happened new facility will be privately funded sure the details would come out sooner or later but that the mayor insisted nothing is in the works yet keep digging. jobs and not be the option port keeping teenagers busy this summer fewer than three in 10 hold jobs federal bureau of labor statistics reports employment 16-19 year olds have fallen to its lowest level since world war to those jobs don't to college students more experienced people many teenagers who cannot afford spending time taking college preparatory classes. glenview-
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based abt appliance store magazine rated abt appliance store electronics best shot to see shop major appliances publication says abt appliance store scored well on price election experience based on survey of more than 18,000 subscribers to the magazine glenview only store but operates web store on amazon as well. cannot shake allegations of doping lance armstrong new charges against the champion at the apology on capitol hill leader of j.p. morgan over massive losses and later pop warner plans to take on concussions.
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wgn news @ 9 united states and russia at odds in syria at united nations officials say nation in the midst of a full-blown civil war syrian government forces reclaimed the northwestern town today after bombarding the city for a week fighting continues other parts of the country syrian military hitting rebels on the ground and in the air russian leaders claim united states arming rebel forces americans say russians compliant flying helicopters three accusers take the stand a child sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky testifying they were molested a former penn state football coach victim 10 as he has called said jerry sandusky p billy engaged him in oral sex threatened if he told anyone he woulnever see his family
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again. john edwards is clear federal prosecutors dropping the remaining fraud charges against them move comes less than two weeks after corruption trial ended in acquittal and a mistrial accused of misusing nearly a million dollars in campaign donations keep his pregnant mistress under wraps or to put the presidency 2008 north carolina jury found him not guilty and one count and deadlocked on six others counts. cycling champion facing new doping charges he nodded state's anti doping agency putting a formal charges against seven time champion lance armstrong i immediately banned from triathlons as a result lance armstrong nice charges statement never took steroids and competed as in torrance athletes with no spike in performance passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed. ceo jp morgan chase apologizing to lawmakers on capitol hill for the bank's stunning $2 billion loss jamie
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dimon telling the senate banking committee he cannot defend or justify the trades employees made that ultimately imploded the himself took the blame but did not endorse federal regulation financial reform past two years ago most of this yet to be enacted hotly debated rule customer deposits and using them for risky trades dimopn re to capitol hill nexton will return to the house to present that next week. new rules for pop warner and the new research on the connection between birth control pills and strokes. a later datethey thought
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he would live in a shelter forever one family decided every dog deserves a home.
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medical watch birth control pill how safe is it? various studies revealing benefits and risks of the bill now amazing research projects should give pause to those taking the pill. for women who smoke high blood pressure or history of my grand threat of stroke is greater side effect of birth control pill increased risk of blood clots may explain the link to strokes. as always a personal health history makes a difference talk to your doctor about individual risk children playing sports at risk for
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concussion one of the nation's largest youth sports organizations taking steps to protect kids' heads new contact rules 2012-2013 season coaches can only have players go head to head full contact for 1/3 of every practice and there will be no full speed head on blocking or tackling bottom line no head- to-head contact the key is to teach proper tackling body and not the head player's weapon and that will reduce the potential for head trauma. >> we think eliminating in practice head-to-head contact and reducing practice time to a third weekend reduce the chances of a brain contact or concussion by 60 +%. >> two years ago pop warner said medical professional the of the month to decide whether concussions could go back parent
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or coach cannot make that decision alone. back to you >> about to get hot again in chicago tom skilling back and sell is the 90's he to and through father's day talking about these 90 degree temperatures. careful, pringles are bursting with more flavor. [ crunches ] mmm.
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smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter. hot weather >> i did not mean to bring this.
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it will be dry air in the next couple of days this hot spell we are predicting comes into play we could have 690 degree days on the way that would be the longest consecutive streak of 90 degree days in june last 18 years in chicago extending to 14 the total number of my degree days by the 20th of june that would be next wednesday has never happened before 142 years of weather records. these clouds here blowing off the tops of thunderstorms dry recycles feed on themselves soil moisture once
9:31 pm
you get dry hard to overcome the numbers are still on the low side overall coming over the dry area of illinois much of the action in the plains states. bombarding parts of south and north dakota with large hail as you can see tonight. thunderstorm watch just to the west wildfires incredible fires you have been hearing about
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discouraging the forecast through thursday of next week total rainfall of weather service model keep in mind the thunderstorms occur beneath the capability misters getting precise how much rainfall localized thunderstorm producing downpour beyond that most of the thunderstorms in this depiction lining up along a jet stream. bunch those long days
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with intensity of sunlight lose two of operation moisture lost two of the operation, train fall to keep up with the mustard lost nothing like that happening we do have built-in temperatures to the west but will air to the west of that at this hour beautiful 64 degrees into the mid '80s away from the lake still close to 90 parts of nebraska temperature increasing across the midwest. beneficiaries of lake breeze today blow it off the lake 442. very dry air. expected to grow more if you read over the weekend. planning a swim getting
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kind of toasty and the water 60s across the area michigan city at 59 degrees chicago short-lived 67 degrees toward the ocean beach. forecast 11 degrees warmer tomorrow and friday average rainfall 40% to normal. over the next seven days here range of forecasts. flooperhaps not until monday-tuesday afternoon a lot of them up to the north not a lot of good soaking rain fall in our future. tonight partly cloudy comfortable seasonable have to hand it to this kind of weather beautiful outdoor activities what we should be
9:35 pm
this time of the year. tomorrow mostly sunny and warmer modest cooling on the shoreline to 78 degrees at the beaches 86 degrees tomorrow vs. today's 72 degrees mainly clear and warmer tomorrow night heat and humidity begins does not happen until later saturday or sunday high temperature 91 degrees in additional stations pretty muddy by the time we get to sunday monday right for father's day. have fun a barbecue and do nothing. >> you waited two and a half years for a home well worth it next meet "red" the pit bull and later groupon looking to get you on public transportation at a good rate.
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arinspirational dog from the big city to small town america sean lewis reports "red" worth getting to know. all along to the quieter street's stock and illinois does not take long to
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notice the new face in town not raiser in the beagle or his owner dawn it is "red" the pit bull >> he has been through a lot and has not changed his temperament at all still wonderful with my daughter >> very mobile a very social to year-old this or rural town learning from "red" to enjoy it the little things in life >> at least the top takes the time to stop and smell them unlike the rest of us he has adjusted very well amazing when we go for a walk, people stop asking what happened >> three years ago armed robbers came to "red" home and douglas park chicago west side they beat his elderly owner into a coma and then saw "red" and pulled the trigger >> injuries from the robbery at a gunshot wound just won a wound but right through the middle of his bond. where he got shot
9:40 pm
paralyzed as soon as he got shot >> veterinarian saved by "red" for the chicago police officer found him after the robbery sot that inside "red" hart is a true blue >> push to the food and water towards them the friendliest and even while her to lay bare bleeding >> the injury was permanent former owner decided he would have to give him up. paws chicago dave "red" the care she needed customized car made getting around is easier warner bros waited to be adopted to add a half years >> i was worried he would not find a home office all we would be his permanent home >> my daughter kept saying every dog needs its own home >> many people asked about "red" but his special needs to
9:41 pm
much for most. >> to keep him happy we can make sure we can wait for the right family to combat the find of late december did dog became a mascot of paws chicago something of neighborhood celebrity won a new election dawn cast the deciding vote gave "red" reason to smile. big smile side to side >> pictures show "red" going away party this past spring officer found "red" right after the shooting >> you could see how happy he was to see that >> we go and visit paws chicago he will work the crowd and smile >> new president of the broom "red" not know who used to live here but for those who do pass by might find inspiration to keep going themselves. tale of
9:42 pm
dog who may prove some time and struggled and life makes us stronger down the road. >> how could you not love this dog. >> paws chicago no kill animal shelter why they allowed "red" status to a half years to make sure permanent home was a perfect fit he found it just that what attracted her to add some new people that can't buy did she take him on? >> as we mentioned some very special needs and couldn't help going to the bathroom twice each day she used all its special needs pit bull which is why she was attracted she came to chicago >> very inspirational also >> groupon then you get places next teaming up with a cta and the new research shows more and
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appears to be growing quickly five years ago 82 percent of those surveyed never doubted god's existence now latest survey 68 percent say they do not doubt got. 15% increase of those in doubt and started down by research center asking a question a number people last 10 years. in chicago tech company teaming up with cta deliver discounted passes to ride the trend groupon offprint transit agency's three day passes for $9 instead of usual $14 cta official reportedly jumping at the opportunity to unload that has the not sold well. option to sell more. at the " is not next seven days tom skilling >> correct very good play on
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words. you get the thrust of the forecast for sure: to get hot after a cool day today coolest day and eight in chicago high- pressure the reason southeasterly wind flow going tomorrow look at how the war will spread. heat index
9:48 pm
forecast combination temperature humidity on friday and saturday we go into the 90s and not extreme sunday due points into the low seventies and the afternoon if that is true heat index up closer to triple digits how long it will last week may have quite a run coming 10 date to butcher forecast orange is the warm air masses you can see friday big area over the midwest saturday could get into the mid 90's sunday father's day and the jet stream gets closer on monday and tuesday might be just the kick he had the spirit needs to produce thunderstorms to take any moisture and to do something at us hope so. 91 degrees on friday. and 90's on sunday monday tuesday wednesday all that dependent upon whether we
9:49 pm
get any thunderstorm outflows cloudy as difficult to forecast with great precision appears most organize sports that will cool you off to the north and west maybe some sizable rains in the upper midwest will keep us hot summer of 2012 under way. >> sound of the orchestra grant park music festival opening 78 season spectators by pritzker pavilion in millenium park concert billed as nation's only free summer locked out their classical music series of its kind to performances wednesday friday saturday through august coming up on a ninth offense was
9:50 pm
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[ boy ] come on. ♪ ♪ wait. ♪ ♪ happy father's day. ♪ ♪ more baseball tonight to >> no good no good at all jake
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peavy as bad grade almost every time this season tonight st. louis put it out there again. cardinals lefthander lance lynn, jake peavy one mistake carlos beltran it and pay 19th home run no doubt about that 1-0 cardinals sox had few chances against lance lynn 9-to come again alex rios stranded after a leadoff triple lance lynn thousand strikeouts seven and one-third. getting it going into a ninth-inning paul konerko high bouncer to third automatic five- for-3 cam over the blues a tough 11-nothing to the cardinals newly retired carry blood hanging out with tough crowd at wrigley field fifth inning as chicago cubs working them over finding the gap in left-center back-to-back doubles for soriano 4-1 lead but 6th matt garza gave
9:54 pm
it up defense did not help 2 run double tied 4-4 tigers took lead in 9th leading cubs 8-4. chicago bears' offense getting most of the attention ota's not minicamp cannot ignore the defense to keep up front excellent linebacker surprisingly good in the secondary lovie smith bans most of his time on that side of the football pretty happy what he has seen so far especially from his quarterback tim jennings and dj moore among the holdovers kelvin hayden in the mix with other newcomers leader of the group peanut tillman and he looks around back there feeling pretty good. that's not my 10 years of being here the best group of corners we have had overall talent. still learning the defense but as far as a talent standpoint by far the best group of talented young
9:55 pm
men we have had. one of the great things about united states open anybody can play even 14 year-old kid named to alex zhang made it through a sectional to reach the level even tiger woods to not try to qualify that none of page this week experience for everybody golf course trippet with history as quirky as they come. >> wonderful test bic premium on driving a golf ball shaping which we all know here speak of these fairways picking up want to be a great test. round one tomorrow blackhawks play for the philadelphia detroit and pittsburgh for preseason schedule first home game september 28th at the sky won a six game in a row tonight over seattle. indianapolis 500 champion stop dario franchetti by the office this afternoon dario franchetti 1 for the third
9:56 pm
time last month holding off takuma sato on the final lap wild finish. even though one the big one never gets any easier. >> crazy and to embrace. it was exciting absolutely. crazy and to the race. i watched it on television watched the race is but i thought i would watch this one pretty good one more nervous watching afterwards that a part of it and i did know the result. >>
9:57 pm
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